Rainy Day Personal Branding Session – Philadelphia

When Kellie reached out to me back in early February for a personal branding session, it seemed like a relatively easy enough request.

Ahhh…life was so simple then, right? Ignorance certainly is bliss.

After months of rescheduling, first due to weather, then a global pandemic, we were finally able to align the stars to make this session come together. All good things come to those who wait.

Kellie is an event marketing professional and has worked within the Philadelphia hospitality industry her entire career. She is passionate about event design and her objective is to help organizations use their events as a way to market their products. We spoke a few times and I got to know more about her professional goals and ideas for the type of images she wanted for her digital CV, website and social media content. I also learned more about her personally, and that not only is she passionate about design, but also about the city of Philadelphia.

For her session location, we chose her neighborhood of Fishtown for its urban feel and creative vibe, and set a date for late February. The winter had been warmer than usual, and I was confident we could get a good outdoor session without the worries of snow or fridgid temperatures. 

Well, there was no snow, but there was rain. So much so, that we had to reschedule more than once. Then, I had a quick trip planned in early March and when I got back…


Everything stopped and our session got put on the backburner for a while. 

Lucky for me, Kellie is beyond patient and flexible. And by the end of the summer, we started throwing around dates again. We finally settled on late August. 

Personal branding session in Philadelphia
Professional outdoor headshots of a woman in color and black and white
Professional branding photos with a woman sitting at a table with a laptop
Professional branding photos with a woman sitting at a table with a laptop
Woman dressed professionally in front of Fishtown Philadelphia mural
Woman dressed professionally in front of Fishtown Philadelphia mural
Woman dressed professionally in front of Fishtown Philadelphia mural
Woman in black dress in front of mural
Professional woman in black dress standing in front of brick wall

The morning of the session was gorgeous. But we were meeting at 4:00 PM and wouldn’t you know it, a storm was heading our way. We got about 15 minutes into the session before the skies completely opened up and we were in full-on hurricane mode. Thankfully, the nice folks at Wm. Mulherin’s Sons let us duck into their vestibule, with our masks on, to ride out the storm for a bit. And while I’ve never eaten there, I would recommend them just on that alone. (Although I did look up their menu and it looks amazing.)

After about 20 minutes the winds died down quite a bit, and we started reevaluating our strategy. In the end, we decided  not to let a little rain stop us. After a quick dry off and clothing change, this boss fixed her hair, strapped on some cute wedges, grabbed an umbrella and rocked the rest of this session in the rain, because that’s how you get it done. 

Rainy day personal branding session in Philadelphia
Woman smiling with umbrella
Rainy day personal branding session in Philadelphia
Black and white photo of woman smiling in the rain with an umbrella
Woman smiling with umbrella
Personal branding session in Fishtown Philadelphia
Woman in a white and black dress in front of Philadelphia mural
Personal branding session in front of mural in Fishtown Philadelphia

And while the weather didn’t cooperate in the way we had hoped, we still got more than enough beautiful images for her content. And it goes to show how professional and driven this woman is. When the going got tough, she literally weathered the storm, and did it with grace, style and a huge smile on her face. 

And is it even fair to look this stunning after being soaked in the rain?

Woman standing in round wooden doorway
Casual personal branding headshot
Casual personal branding headshot of woman in front of mural
Women sitting in front of mural
Black and white casual headshot of a woman

Are you ready to step up your online identity content and brand with a personal branding session? I’d love to hear from you! Shoot me a message and we can chat.

Personal branding photo of woman standing in front of Philadelphia mural

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