7 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Intimate Backyard Wedding

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming for many couples, especially nowadays with venue restrictions due to a global pandemic. Will my event get cancelled at the last minute? Will there be a cap on the number of guests I can invite? There are so many things to consider on top of the normal wedding day stress. This recent trend in wedding cancellations and postponements has led many couples to revive the beautiful charm of an intimate backyard wedding. And I’m totally here for it.

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that we need to be able to pivot on a dime and be willing to scale back. Unfortunately, anyone planning any type of event since 2020, has learned this the hard way. 

But scaling back on your wedding day doesn’t have to be a bad thing. As a matter of fact, it can end up being more beautiful and romantic than you had ever imagined. And with so many couples realizing what is truly important to them in the past few years, along with the desire to make their lives as stress-free as possible, a backyard wedding is the perfect solution.

From the casual vibe, the smaller guest list, and the sentimentality of having your wedding at home, here are seven reasons I absolutely love backyard weddings, and you should too!

A groom kissing a bride on her cheek at their wedding with the sun setting in the background

A backyard wedding will save you money

Ok, maybe this is not the most romantic reason you should consider a backyard wedding, but it is the most practical. Yes, there are some incredibly GORGEOUS wedding venues out there, especially around Philadelphia. And many of them come with fantastic packages prepared to make your life easy. But these packages come at a high premium.

By hosting a backyard wedding, you can forgo a big chunk of this cost. Of course, you may still want to consider renting items such as a wedding tent, furniture, heat lamps, caterers, possibly parking attendants…and these can add up quickly. So creating a solid budget is a must. But even so, your backyard wedding cost will likely be significantly lower.

Bride and groom getting married in front of a floral arch in a backyard

You’ll have control over the space

Often when you’re renting a venue, you have rules and regulations that you must follow. This can include the date and time you can have your ceremony, the décor you can use, how many other weddings are happening around you, where you can do your portraits and photography, and when guests can arrive and when they must leave.

When you’re hosting your wedding in your own space, you can decorate and celebrate as you feel fit! You can choose your own date and time. You can even make last minute changes if you need to, and not rack up too many additional fees.

Colorful flowers in front of a white tent lined with string lights at a backyard wedding

Flowers and candles on a long white table at a backyard wedding

It’s a great excuse to keep it small

Not too keen about inviting your mom’s cousin’s, babysitter who you met once when you were 7 years old? A backyard wedding is a perfect excuse to whittle down that guest list without hurting anyone’s feelings. If your random coworker asks why they weren’t invited, you can simply explain that since the space is tight, you are reserving spots only for VIPs – immediate family and closest friends. The smaller guest list will also help cut down on cost (less food, alcohol, tables, flowers, cake) which also takes us back to reason number one.

As a couple, it’s a wonderful feeling to look out at your guests and feel totally at ease with who is witnessing one of the most important moments of your life. And in twenty years, you won’t look back at the photos and wonder who half of the people are that where at your wedding.

Your family and friends can pitch in

Traditionally around the world, many cultures include family and friends in the preparation of wedding celebrations. With so many beautiful wedding ideas on Pinterest, there are endless ways for people to help with décor, baking, wedding favors, you name it. People want to lend a hand! And having a backyard wedding allows everyone to chip in and feel included. 

A backyard wedding allows you to work with local vendors and support small businesses in your area

Oftentimes, many venues will allow you to work with only their approved list of vendors. Hosting a small, backyard wedding gives you the opportunity to work with, and support, local businesses such as bakers, florists, caterers, food trucks, and musicians. This is another great way to personalize the intimate wedding of your dreams while supporting small businesses.

It’s romantic as hell

Of all the weddings I’ve been to, without a doubt, the smaller, more intimate weddings have been the most memorable and romantic. 

While large weddings at rented venues are beautiful, they can feel like a mass production and sometimes lack the couple’s personality and flair. How many big weddings have you been to where you have to wait forever to be served your meal, can’t hear the speeches, and don’t even have a chance to say hello to the couple or their family because there are so many people? In the end, you feel like more of a seat filler than an actual loved one.

Large weddings can be beautiful, of course. But…there is something about an intimate celebration, with a small number of people, in a couple’s home, that is so incredibly romantic and comfortable. It’s palpable during the event and it spills over into every moment of the day.

It’s so much easier to personalize an intimate backyard wedding with special photos, lighting, mementos and even a family pet. You can see every tear during the ceremony, and hear every word during the speeches. You can have actual conversations with the couple and their families, and maybe even sit with them at dinner. And as a guest, you just feel so honored to have been included in such a beautiful and romantic exchange of vows.

You’re home

They don’t say “Home Sweet Home” for nothing. 

When your celebration is over, you’re already home! No need to travel to or from the venue. If you want, guests can stay longer if they like while catching up with you after the reception or dinner is over. No one there will kick anyone out…unless you want them to. 

And sure, honeymoon suites are fancy, but when you wake up the next morning, you will be ready to come back to where you feel the most comfortable. Because after all, home is where the heart is. 

Bride and groom look at each other on their wedding day in front of the home where they are getting married

Keep scrolling to see more images from Alex and Halle’s beautiful backyard wedding in Wayne, Pennsylvania. If you think an intimate backyard wedding may be for you, I would love the opportunity to document your special day. Shoot me a message so we can connect.

Intimate backyard wedding of Halle + Alex – Wayne, Pa – September 2021

Bride and groom dancing together at their backyard wedding

Crowd of people dancing together at a backyard wedding with a home and white tent in the background

a backyard wedding at a home in Philadelphia

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