Why you should consider an in-home family photography session

Are you stuck trying to find the perfect location for your upcoming family photography session? Sometimes, the answer is literally, right in your own backyard. Or really, your own family room! Sure, an outdoor session bathed in golden light is wonderful. But there’s something so intimate about documenting your family in your own home. Here are some of my top reasons why you should consider an in-home family photography session.

A family of four gathered together in a white kitchen for an in-home family photography session.

Your family will feel totally at ease

“There’s no place like home.” It’s not a famous line for no reason. We all feel our best when we’re in the comfort of our own homes. Your home is a safe space, and everyone from dad to the kids will instantly feel a little less stressed and more likely to relax and be themselves. This is especially true of little ones who are a bit on the shy side. I find that even the most reluctant subject will eventually show me their bedroom, favorite toys, and pets, all with a big smile and genuine enthusiasm.

A father with dark hair and glasses, picking up his young blond-haired daughter in a pink dress and giving her a hug.

You can easily take a break

Sometimes kids need a quick break to recharge during a photo session. There is often a lot going on, and if you are at a new location, the overstimulation can be an issue for anyone. If anyone gets tired of the camera, it’s so easy, and less stressful, for a child to go take a break in the kitchen, grab a snack, use the potty, change an outfit, and come back whenever they are ready.

A young daughter and son both hugging their father around the waist who is wearing a colorful Grateful Dead t-shirt.

No weather worries

As a family photographer, I’m always worrying about the weather. And I know how stressful it can be for families. There is so much scheduling and planning that goes into a photo session, and there is nothing worse than getting everyone hyped up, and then having to reschedule around work, school, sports, and activities. Or even if you don’t have to reschedule due to rain, but you spend weeks choosing the perfect outfits and then the temperature drops 20 degrees. By scheduling your session inside your home, you eliminate this issue altogether! And who doesn’t need one less thing to worry about?

Flexible session times

Outdoor sessions are usually held very early in the morning, or in the evening during golden hour, which is not super-convenient for most young families. While I typically aim to do in-home family sessions in the late morning for the best light, a session at home means we can be more flexible around naps, lunch, and your family schedule.

Zero Commute

The thought of a family photo session can be stressful. Add to it a 10-40 minute commute with a car full of kids and an anxious spouse, and it can be panic-inducing. I’ve had a few families show up to sessions already flustered before they even begin. With an in-home photography session, I come to you. No accidents in the car, no stained clothes from snacks, no unplanned naps, no kids fighting in the back seat, no rushing through traffic to make golden hour… All you have to do is get everyone dressed ten minutes before I arrive. You don’t even have to put shoes on them! Bare feet for the win!

You can do a fun activity

While some families choose to just hang out together for their sessions, we could also plan a fun in-home activity you can’t do on-location. Anything from cooking lunch, baking cookies, playing a game, making a fort, decorating a Christmas tree, jumping on the bed, playing dress up… nothing is off limits within your own home! Why not use the time to document all the fun you have together as a family?

In-home family photography sessions can include the family pet

All pets welcome! The dog, cat, parrot, lizard, guinea pig…anyone can be included when you are in the comfort of your own home! I had a family once include their pet rats. And it was so much fun.

A family of four and their golden doodle do sitting together on a leather couch looking at each other and laughing.
A family of four and their golden doodle do sitting together on a leather couch looking at each other and laughing.
A golden doodle looking at the camera and smiling

You won’t have the same photos as everyone else in your town

Everyone has a desire to be somewhat unique. I’ve seen so many photos taken in the same prime locations in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, that I can tell exactly where each location is by one or two images. Your home is unique to you and your family. And no one else will have the same background on their holiday card this year.

You are creating your family’s legacy

Above all else, the best thing about an in-home family photography session is the historical documentation you are creating for yourself, your children and all of the future generations of your family.

We moved out of our first family home when my oldest was five years old. I was devasted to leave the home where I brought my babies home from the hospital, where my children took their first steps, the nursery they slept in, the front stoop where they used to play with their neighborhood friends…

I’m so thankful I took the time to photograph my children in that home. Every time I see the images, the memories of that time come flooding back to me. And when my children show the photos to their great-grandchildren, they can tell them stories of the first home they ever lived in as they vividly recall the furniture, the rugs, the sunlight though the windows, the neighbors, and all the happy memories of where our family began.

While there are endless gorgeous outdoor locations in the world that can be utilized as a backdrop for family photos, there is nothing like the intimacy of an in-home family photography session to really show off the beauty of your unique family.

A family of four gathered in front of they white home for an in-home family photography session.

Ready to book your in-home family photography session? Shoot me a message and let’s start planning!

A family of four is gathered in their white kitchen and smiling at the camera. Some are standing, the daughter is sitting on the counter.

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